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Master's Dissertation
Full name
Lina Kojima
Knowledge Area
Date of Defense
São Paulo, 2009
Ninomiya, Masato (President)
Fischmann, Roseli
Uehara, Alexandre Ratsuo
Title in Portuguese
Migração repetitiva entre o Brasil e o Japão
Keywords in Portuguese
Dualismo no mercado japonês
Imigração japonesa no Brasil
Mercado japonês de trabalho
Migração repetitiva
Abstract in Portuguese
A ideia desta dissertação nasceu da pesquisa intitulada O Shuttle Migration dos brasileiros residentes no Japão sobre os fenômenos decasségui e o chamado Shuttle Migration. Desde o início do movimento decasségui, emigração dos brasileiros para o Japão, já se passaram mais de 20 anos. O referido movimento tem mostrado diversas mudanças, sendo uma delas o aparecimento de Shuttle Migration, doravante denominado como Migração Repetitiva. A Migração Repetitiva refere-se a pessoas migrantes que vão e retornam entre locais de residência, no caso, situados em países diversos, repetindo muitas vezes esse vai e volta. Muitos dos trabalhadores brasileiros no Japão tentam regressar para o Brasil, porém, frequentemente não conseguem readaptar-se e partem novamente. Neste trabalho, tentamos entender os motivos dessas idas e voltas através de contexto histórico-estrutural dos dois países.
Title in English
Repeated migration between Brazil and Japan
Keywords in English
Dualism in japanese market
Japanese imigration in Brazil
Japanese labor market
Repeated migration
Abstract in English
This dissertations idea originated from the previous research about dekasegi phenomenon and Shuttle Migration, which title was The Shuttle Migration of Brazilian Workers in Japan. Since Brazilian workers emigration to Japan, a so-called dekasegi phenomenon started, over 20 years have passed. And, this phenomenon has showed various changes. One of them is appearance of Shuttle Migration called Repeated Migration in this dissertation. The term refers to the migrated people who goes and comes back between residential locations in different countries, often repeating this movement. Many of Brazilian workers in Japan try to return to Brazil, but frequently they cant readapt and go away again. In this dissertation, well try to understand causes of this repeated movement through the historical and structural contexts of both countries.
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