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Doctoral Thesis
Full name
Murilo Chiamolera
Knowledge Area
Date of Defense
São Paulo, 2000
Velasco, Irineu Tadeu (President)
Bonfa, Eloisa Silva Dutra de Oliveira
Calich, Vera Lucia Garcia
Carvalho, Ivan Fiore de
Seguro, Antonio Carlos
Title in Portuguese
Expressão dos receptores FC de imunoglobulina A em fagócitos do sangue de pacientes com bacteremia.
Keywords in Portuguese
citometeria de fluxo/métodos
receptores FC/análise
Abstract in Portuguese
Expressão aumentada do receptor Fc de IgA (CD89) e da cadeia g associada, avaliadas respectivamente por citometria de fluxo e por “immunobloting”, foram encontradas em fagócitos do sangue de pacientes com bacteremia por germes gram-negativos, em comparação com controles e pacientes com bacteremia por gram-positivos. A Mr do CD89 avaliada por SDS-PAGE estava diminuída, com núcleo protéico de 32kDa, sugerindo alteração de glicosilação. O aumento da expressão do CD89 correlacionou-se com aumento dos níveis séricos de IL-6. A cadeia g estava fosforilada nos neutrófilos, sugerindo participação do CD89 na sepsis por gram-negativos.
Title in English
Expression of immunoglobulin a FC receptors on blood phagocytes of patients with gram-negative bacteremia.
Keywords in English
iga FC receptor
Abstract in English
The expression and function of FcaRI (CD89) were analyzed on blood monocytes and neutrophils of patients with gram-positive and gram-negative bacteremia. Eighteen patients with gram-positive bacteremia, sixteen patients with gram-negative bacteremia and twenty healthy individuals were studied. CD89 expression were analyzed by flow cytometry using specific stained antibodies. Analysis of the surface iodinated CD89 molecules by SDS-PAGE and of the CD89 g-associated chain by immunoblotting also were performed. A marked increase in expression of the a and g subunits of the FcaRI were found on both types of cells in patients with gram-negative bacteremia, but not in patients with gram-positive bacteremia. This increase was independent of serum IgA levels. FcaRI Mr was lower on cells from gram negative patients than on cells from controls (50-65 kDa vs 55-75 kDa) despite of similar 32 kDa backbone, indicating altered glycosylation. Increased levels of FcaRI on blood phagocytes correlated with enhanced serum IL-6 levels, but not with IFN-g or TNF-a levels. The CD89 g-associated chain was phosphorylated on neutrophils, suggesting an engagement of CD89 during gram negative sepsis.
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