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Doctoral Thesis
Full name
Endric Hasegawa
Knowledge Area
Date of Defense
São Paulo, 2012
Dall'Oglio, Marcos Francisco (President)
Nesrallah, Luciano Joao
Pinto, Luiz Eduardo Café Cardoso
Reis, Leonardo Oliveira
Sant Anna, Alexandre Crippa
Title in Portuguese
Análise dos fatores prognósticos patológicos de pacientes submetidos à cistectomia radical e linfadenectomia por neoplasia urotelial de bexiga
Keywords in Portuguese
Neoplasias da bexiga urinaria/tratamento
Resultado de tratamento
Abstract in Portuguese
Objetivo: Identificar os principais fatores prognósticos patológicos do carcinoma urotelial tratado com cistectomia radical e linfadenectomia pélvica, analisar o impacto desses na sobrevida livre de doença (RFS), câncer específico (CSS), geral (OS) e propor um conjunto de fatores que possa prever a evolução. Métodos: Realizamos levantamento dos casos de cistectomia radical e linfadenectomia no período de 2006 a 2009 no Hospital das Clinicas da FMUSP. Correlacionamos fatores prognósticos patológicos estádio (pT), grau tumoral, presença de metástase linfática (pN), invasão linfovascular (LVI), perineural (PNI) e presença de CIS com RFS, CSS e OS. Consideramos significante quando p > 0,05. Resultados: Avaliamos 128 casos que obedeceram aos critérios sendo 20 (15,6%) femininos e 108 (84,4%) masculinos, idades variando de 41 a 84 anos e média de 67 anos. Constatamos associação de recidiva com estádio >pT2 (p=0,032) e pN+ (p=0,003). Os fatores estádio >pT2 (p=0,001), pN+ (p=0,034) LVI+ (p=0,038), e PNI+ (p=0,024) tiveram associação com óbito pela doença e a morte geral com estádio >pT2 (p=0,001), pN+ (p=0,038) e PNI+ (p=0,01). A análise multivariada demonstrou que apenas estádio >pT2 e pN+ são os fatores prognósticos independentes na RFS, CSS e OS. Conclusão: A análise dos fatores patológicos após cistectomia radical e linfadenectomia demonstrou que estádio >pT2 e pN+ são os fatores prognósticos mais importantes no CaB
Title in English
Evaluation of pathologic prognostic factors in patients who underwent radical cystectomy plus lymphadenectomy due bladder urothelial neoplasia
Keywords in English
Bladder neoplasia/treatment
Treatment outcome
Abstract in English
Objective: To identify the most important pathologic prognostic factors for urothelial bladder cancer treated by cystectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy, analyze the impact of these on recurrence and mortality and suggest a group of factors that can predict the outcome after surgery. Method: We review all radical cystectomy and lymphadenectomy cases at the Clinical Hospital of São Paulo Medical School from 2006 to 2009. We correlate the following pathologic prognostic factors tumor stage (pT), tumor grade, lymphonodal metastasis (pN), lymphovascular invasion (LVI), perineural invasion (PNI), presence of CIS with RFS, CSS and OS. We considered a significant association p<0.05. Results: We selected 128 cases for this study. There were 20 (15.6%) females and 108 (84.4%) males, ages ranging from 41 years to 84 years and an average 67 years old. The tumor recurrence was associated with stage >pT2 (0,032) and pN+ (p=0.003). Stage >pT2 (p=0.001), pN+ (p=0.034), LVI+ (p=0.038) and PNI+ (p=0.024) was associated with death by cancer and overall death with stage >pT2 (p=0.001), N+ (p=0.038) and PNI (p=0.01). The multivariate analysis found that only stage >pT2 and pN+ were independent prognostic variable for RFS, CSS and OS. Conclusion: The analysis of pathologic prognostic factors after radical cystectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy show that stage >pT2 and pN+ has strong association with RFS, CSS and OS
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