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Doctoral Thesis
Full name
Rosangela Itri
Knowledge Area
Date of Defense
São Paulo, 1991
Amaral, Lia Queiroz do (President)
Craievich, Aldo Felix
Guralnik, Hernan Chaimovich
Seoud, Omar Abdel Moneim Abou El
Torriani, Iris C Linares de
Title in Portuguese
Keywords in Portuguese
Cristal liquido
Abstract in Portuguese
Foram estudadas fases micelares do sistema lauril (dodecil) sulfato de sodio (sls)/agua/decanol nos estados isotropico i e liquido-cristalino por espalhamento de raios-x com enfase nas transicoes de fase iSETAhexagonal hALFA e iSETAnematica nc. O estudo das posicoes do pico intermicelar no sistema binario sls/agua, indica que as micelas sao estaveis e levemente anisometricas nas fases i concentradas com empacotamento local de micelas esferoidais. Ocorre crescimento micelar na vizinhanca da transicao iSETAhALFA. A analise da curva de espalhamento i (q) em concentracoes menores (ate 9% em peso de sls) mostra ser possivel a determinacao da funcao distribuicao de distancias p (r), em casos especificos onde i (q) e dominada por um pico predominantemente relacionado a estrutura interna micelar. As anisometrias micelares NI sao deduzidas dos valores de dmax sendo p (r)=0 para r> OU =dmax obtemos NIAPROXIMADAMENTE IGUAL1.5. A analise das curvas de espalhamento de solucoes mais concentradas evidenciam que as micelas crescem mais por adicao de decanol ao longo da transicao de fase iSETAnc (NIAPROXIMADA MENTE IGUAL3) do que por aumento de concentracao de anfifilico no sistema binario ao longo de iSETAhALFA (NIAPROXIMADAMENTE IGUAL2,4). Estes resultados sao discutidos no ambito de previsoes teoricas recentes de transicoes de fase iSETAliquido-cristalinas
Title in English
Micellar systems liquid-crystalline phases by SAXS
Keywords in English
Liquid crystal
Abstract in English
Micellar phases of the system sodium dodecyl sulfate (SLS)/water/decanol have been studied by X-ray scattering in isotropic I and liquid crystalline states, with emphasis on the 1-+hexagonal Ha and 1nematic Nc phase transitions. Study of the intermicellar peak position in the binary SIS/water system, taking into account relative volumes of amphiphile, shows that micelles are stable and slightly anisometric in concentrated I phases, with local close packing of spheroidal micelles. Micellar growth occurs only near the 1Ha transition. Analysis of the scattering curve I( q) for lower concentrations (up to 9 wt% SLS) shows that it is possible to obtain the distance distribution function p(r), in specific cases in which l(q) is dominated by a peak due to the inner micellar structure. Micellar anisometries v are deduced from Dmax values, with p(r)=O for r Dmax. It results v.: 1.5. The electron density distribution p(r) obtained from p(r) in these lower concentrations confirm the existence of micellar anisometry.
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