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Master's Dissertation
Full name
Luiz Henrique Alves Monteiro
Knowledge Area
Date of Defense
São Paulo, 1990
Caldas, Ibere Luiz (President)
Busnardo Neto, Jose
Kucinski, Mutsuko Yamamoto
Title in Portuguese
Superfícies magnéticas de campos helicoidais toroidais em tokamaks.
Keywords in Portuguese
Campos magnéticos helicoidais ressonantes
Física de plasmas
Ilhas magnéticas.
Superfícies magnéticas
Abstract in Portuguese
Propõe-se analisar teoricamente a instabilidade disruptora que ocorre em plasmas confinados em Tokamaks, investigando-se a influencia de campos helicoidais ressonantes em seu equilíbrio. Para isso, considerou-se a superposição do campo magnético do plasma em equilíbrio MHD estático com o campo associado às ressonâncias, levando-se em conta a geometria toroidal do Tokamak. Devido a falta de simetria, as linhas do campo magnético total resultante desta superposição devem formar superfícies magnéticas apenas em algumas regiões do plasma. Usando o método da media, foram obtidas (analiticamente) funções de superfícies aproximadas que contem, em torno das regiões de ressonância do plasma, as linhas deste campo magnético total. Verificou-se que estas superfícies aproximadas têm estruturas de ilhas magnéticas.
Title in English
Magnetic surfaces of toroidal helical fields in tokamaks.
Keywords in English
magnetic Islands.
magnetic surfaces
Plasma physics
resonant helical magnetic fields
Abstract in English
It is proposed to analyse theoretically the disruptive instability that occurs in confined plasmas in Tokamaks, through investigation of the influence of resonant helical fields on their equilibrium. With this aim, a superposition of the magnetic field of the plasma in static MHD equilibrium with the field associated with the resonances is considered, taking into account the toroidal geometry of the tokamak. Due to the lack of symmetry, the lines of the total magnetic field resulting from this superposition must form magnetic surfaces only around some regions of the plasma. Using the averaging method, functions of approximate magnetic surfaces are obtained (analitically) around the regions of resonances of the plasma (they contain the lines of this total magnetic field). It was verified that these approximate surfaces have structures of magnetic islands.
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44233Monteiro.pdf (10.96 Mbytes)
Publishing Date
WARNING: The material described below relates to works resulting from this thesis or dissertation. The contents of these works are the author's responsibility.
  • KUCINSKI, M. Y., et al. Magnetic surfaces in non-symmetric plasmas [doi:10.1088/0741-3335/34/6/012]. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion [online], 1992, vol. 34, p. 1067-1088.
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  • OKANO, V., et al. Magnetic Islands in Low Aspect ratio Tokamaks. In V Latin American Workshop on Plasma Physics, Mexico City, 1992. Proceedings of the V Latin American Workshop on Plasma Physics.Mexico City : UNAM, 1992.
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