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Master's Dissertation
Full name
Valdir Okano
Knowledge Area
Date of Defense
São Paulo, 1990
Caldas, Ibere Luiz (President)
Clemente, Roberto Antonio
Kucinski, Mutsuko Yamamoto
Title in Portuguese
Campos Ressonantes Helicoidais em Tokamaks
Keywords in Portuguese
Campos magnéticos helicoidais ressonantes
Campos magnéticos não-integráveis.
Física de plasma
Superfícies magnéticas
Abstract in Portuguese
Obtivemos mapas de Poincaré das linhas de força do campo magnético resultante da superposição linear do campo magnético de um plasma toroidal em equilíbrio com o campo magnético de correntes helicoidais externas. Devido a falta de simetria do campo magnético não podemos definir uma expressão analítica que descreva os mapas; estes foram, então, obtidos pela integração numérica da equação das linhas de força dVET.lxVET.B = 0. Nos mapas de Poincaré aparecem as ilhas magnéticas principais e as ilhas magnéticas secundárias. As ilhas magnéticas secundárias surgem devido a geometria toroidal. Sobre uma mesma superfície ressonante, as ilhas não tem tamanhos iguais.
Title in English
Resonant Helical fields in tokamaks
Keywords in English
magnetic surfaces
non-integrable magnetic fields.
Plasma physics
resonant helical magnetic fields
Abstract in English
Poincaré maps of magnetic field lines of a toroidal helical system were made. The magnetic field is a linear superposition of the magnetic fields produced by a toroidal plasma in equilibrium and by external helical currents. We do not have an analytical expression for the Poincaré maps since the magnetic field do not have symmetry. In order to obtain the maps, the equation dl x B = O is numerically integrated. In the Poincaré maps, the principal and the secondary magnetic islands were observed. The islands do not have equal widths in the same resonant surface.
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44258Okano.pdf (8.24 Mbytes)
Publishing Date
WARNING: The material described below relates to works resulting from this thesis or dissertation. The contents of these works are the author's responsibility.
  • KUCINSKI, M. Y., et al. Magnetic surfaces in non-symmetric plasmas [doi:10.1088/0741-3335/34/6/012]. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion [online], 1992, vol. 34, p. 1067-1088.
  • KUCINSKI, M. Y., et al. Toroidal Plasma Equilibrium With Arbitrary Current Distribution. Journal of Plasma Physics , 1990, vol. 44, p. 303-311.
  • OKANO, V., et al. Magnetic Islands in Low Aspect ratio Tokamaks. In V Latin American Workshop on Plasma Physics, Mexico City, 1992. Proceedings of the V Latin American Workshop on Plasma Physics.Mexico City : UNAM, 1992.
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