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Doctoral Thesis
Full name
Luciana Reyes Pires Kassab
Knowledge Area
Date of Defense
São Paulo, 1996
Gouffon, Philippe (President)
Frenkel, Josif
Heller, Maria Vittoria Adelina Prario
Ivanoff, Dimetri
Stopa, Carlos Rodolfo Silveira
Title in Portuguese
Keywords in Portuguese
Acelerador microton IFUSP
Campo de bordas reversos
Abstract in Portuguese
O presente trabalho teve como objetivo: projetar, construir e testar os imas principais do acelerador race-track microtron booster do ifusp, que tem como funcao defletir e focalizar o feixe de eletrons, permitindo a sua recirculacao. Esses imas desempenham papel fundamental quanto a qualidade do feixe obtido que, por sua vez, constitui um fator primordial para experiencias em fisica nuclear. O trabalho desenvolve a teoria do funcionamento do acelerador e os calculos analiticos que fundamentam a geometria dos imas. A ausencia da uniformidade do campo magnetico e a presenca de campos de borda inadequados comprometem o sincronismo. Utilizou-se bobinas corretoras confeccionadas na forma de circuitos impressos, que limitaram a falta de uniformidade a valores relativos de campo magnetico da ordem de '10 POT.-5'. Os imas possuem pecas polares auxiliares (clamps) que criam campos de borda reversos ao campo principal. Os clamps foram projetados por meio de simulacoes realizadas com os programas poisson e ptrace, de forma a se obter uma distribuicao para o campo magnetico que propicie aceleracao para uma distancia conveniente entre os imas
Title in English
Project, construction and testing of the system Magnets main accelerator of microtron booster IFUSP
Keywords in English
Bending magnets of the IFUSP
Race-track microtron booster
Abstract in English
The present work had the purpose of designing, building and testing the bending magnets of the IFUSP race-track microtron booster that deflect and focus the electron beam and allow its recirculation. These magnets play a fundamental role in terms of the beam quality, which is important in Nuclear Physics research. This work develops the theory conceming the functioning of the accelerator and the analytical calculations that establish the geometry ofthe magnets. The lack of magnetic field uniformity and the presence of inadequate fringing fields damage the synchronism. The magnetic fields were corrected using coils made of etched printed circuit boards. This method provides uniformity of a few parts in 10 '10 POT.-5' . The magnets have auxiliary poles (clamps) that produce reverse fringing fields. The clamps were designed using Poisson and Ptrace programs in order to get a magnetic field distribution that allows acceleration for a convenient distance between the magnets. The beam trajectories determined by Ptrace program were confirmed with agreement of 0,1% using the floating wire technique.
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