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Master's Dissertation
Full name
Aline Carolina Giardini
Knowledge Area
Date of Defense
São Paulo, 2013
Chacur, Marucia (President)
Dale, Camila Squarzoni
Pires, Raquel Simoni
Title in Portuguese
Efeitos da mobilização neural nas células gliais e no fator neurotrófico derivado do cérebro para controle da dor neuropática.
Keywords in Portuguese
Células gliais
Modelos animais de doenças
Sistema nervoso
Abstract in Portuguese
A técnica de mobilização neural (NM) clinicamente é eficaz, porém ainda é pouco fundamentada. Neste trabalho, submetemos ratos Wistar no 14º dia após a lesão constritiva crônica (CCI) do nervo isquiático ao tratamento com NM, em 10 sessões, e avaliamos o comportamento doloroso utilizando testes comportamentais para hiperalgesia e alodinia. Ainda, observamos através de ensaios de Western blotting o envolvimento das células gliais e do fator neurotrófico derivado do cérebro (BDNF). No estudo comportamental, os animais com CCI mostraram diminuição no limiar nociceptivo, tratados com a NM apresentaram melhora no comportamento doloroso. Os ensaios de Western blotting mostraram que após a CCI houve aumento de OX-42, GFAP e BDNF, na medula, tálamo e mesencéfalo, também observado em analise de imuno-histoquímica e após a NM observamos diminuição desses mediadores através da primeira técnica mencionada. Sendo assim, sugerimos que a técnica de NM é eficaz como terapia analgésica, sendo possível observar o envolvimento das células gliais e do BDNF neste modelo experimental.
Title in English
Effects of neural mobilization in glial cells and brain-derived neuropathic pain.
Keywords in English
Animal models of disease
Glial cells
Nervous system
Abstract in English
The technique of neural mobilization (NM) is clinically effective, although it is still poorly reasoned. In this study, Wistar rats on day 14th after chronic constrictive injury (CCI) of the sciatic nerve were submitted to treatment with NM in 10 sessions, and it was evaluated the painful behavior using tests for hyperalgesia and allodynia. Also, we observed through Western blotting assays the involvementof glial cells and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). In the behavioral study, animals with CCI showed a decrease in nociceptive threshold, and those treated with NM showed an improvement in pain behavior. Western blotting assays showed an increase after CCI of OX-42, GFAP and BDNF levels in the spinal cord, thalamus and midbrain, also observed in immunohistochemical analysis, and after the NM we observed a decrease of these mediators through the first technique mentioned. Therefore, we suggest that the NM technique is an effective analgesic therapy, and it is possible to observe the involvement of glial cells and BDNF in this experimental model.
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