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Master's Dissertation
Full name
Débora Nunes Martins Bueno
Knowledge Area
Date of Defense
São Paulo, 2014
Sita, Luciane Valéria (President)
Casatti, Cláudio Aparecido
Ortiz, Sandra Regina Mota
Title in Portuguese
Estudo das conexões da área incerto-hipotalâmica relacionadas ao controle neuroendócrino.
Keywords in Portuguese
Área incerto-hipotalâmica
Hormônio concentrador de melanina
Abstract in Portuguese
A área incerto-hipotalâmica (IHy) é uma região diencefálica que atua em funções reprodutivas através da presença do hormônio concentrador de melanina (MCH). Nosso objetivo é estudar as conexões da IHy de fêmeas com áreas relacionadas ao controle neuroendócrino reprodutivo, usando traçador anterógrado dextrana amina biotinilada (BDA) e retrógrado Fluorogold (FG). Nesse sentido, destacamos que a IHy, em fêmeas, conecta-se reciprocamente com diversos núcleos hipotalâmicos da região periventricular e pré-óptica, além das áreas hipotalâmica anterior, posterior e lateral. Nosso resultados também sugerem um dimorfismo sexual das projeções da IHy, já que a área pré-óptica medial, o núcleo anteroventral periventrciular e o núcleo arqueado são mais densamente inervadas pelas IHy em fêmeas do que em machos.
Title in English
Study of connections of incerto-hypothalamic área related neuroendocrine control.
Keywords in English
Incerto-hypothalamic area
Melanin-concentrating hormone
Abstract in English
The incerto-hypothalamic area (IHy) is a diencephalic region poorly studied which is characterized by two non-colocalized neurochemical groups composed by the A13 dopaminergic group intermingled with predominantly GABAergic cells co-expressing melanin-concentrating hormone (MCH) and/or cocaine and amphetamine regulated transcript (CART). Functional studies suggest that IHy is involved in the neuroendocrine control of female reproduction in specific metabolic states mediated by MCH. In this way, our aim is to study the IHy connections in female rats related to neuroendocrine control of female reproduction using neuronal anterograde Biotin Dextran Amine (BDA) and retrograde Flurogold (FG) tracers. As a result, we found that IHy projections are the lateral septal nucleus, bed nucleus of stria terminalis, paraventricular thalamic nucleus, reuniens thalamic nucleus, medial preoptic area, medial and lateral preoptic nucleus, median preoptic nucleus, periventricular hypothalamic nucleus, anteroventral periventricular nucleus, anterior, posterior and lateral hypothalamic area and precommissural nucleus. The main afferents to the IHy, in females, are the lateral septal nucleus, median preoptic nucleus and paraventricular thalamic nucleus. These results suggest sexually dimorphic projections from the IHy, since IHy more densely innervates neuroendocrine regions in female than in male rats.
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