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Master's Dissertation
Full name
Marina Mengardo Gouvêa
Knowledge Area
Date of Defense
Piracicaba, 2015
Rezende, Jorge Alberto Marques (President)
Lourenção, André Luiz
Sakate, Renate Krause
Title in Portuguese
Efeito de inseticidas no controle das transmissões primária e secundária do Tomato severe rugose virus (ToSRV) para tomateiro por Bemisia tabaci biótipo B
Keywords in Portuguese
Controle de fitoviroses
Abstract in Portuguese
O mosaico rugoso, causado pelo begomovirus ToSRV, é uma das principais doenças do tomateiro. Neste trabalho avaliou-se a eficácia de quatro inseticidas, ciantranilliprole foliar, ciantraniliprole solo, espiromesifeno e tiametoxam no controle das infecções primária e secundária do ToSRV, em tomateiros, transmitido por Bemisia tabaci biótipo B. Os tratamentos, confinados separadamente em gaiolas a prova de insetos, foram: controle, representado por tomateiros sadios e infectados, pulverizados com água, mais insetos avirulíferos; infecção primária, simulada com tomateiros sadios pulverizados com inseticida, mais insetos virulíferos e infecção secundária, simulada com tomateiros sadios e infectados com o ToSRV, pulverizados com inseticida, mais insetos avirulíferos. Nenhum inseticida foi eficiente no controle da infecção primária. No caso da simulação da infecção secundária, 4% e 16% respectivamente, dos tomateiros tratados com os inseticidas ciantraniliprole solo e ciantraniliprole foliar foram infectados, contra 84% e 74% de tomateiros infectados nos respectivos controles. Para os tratamentos com os inseticidas tiametoxam e espiromesifeno, na simulação da infecção secundária, 58% e 62% dos tomateiros foram infectados, respectivamente, contra 66% e 74% de plantas infectadas nos respectivos controles. O uso racional de inseticidas que reduzem a infecção secundária associado com a eliminação de fontes externas de inóculo poderá contribuir para o manejo da doença.
Title in English
Effect of insecticides on controlling primary and secondary transmissions of Tomato severe rugose virus (ToSRV) to tomato by Bemisia tabaci biotype B
Keywords in English
Plant virus disease control
Abstract in English
The severe mosaic, caused by ToSRV begomovirus, is a major disease of tomato. This study evaluated the efficacy of four insecticides, sprayed cyazypyr, drench cyazypyr, sprayed spiromesifen and thiamethoxam on controlling primary and secondary infections by ToSRV to tomato plants, transmitted by Bemisia tabaci biotype B. Treatments were confined separately in proof insects cages, which were: control, represented by healthy and infected tomato plants sprayed with water and aviruliferous insects releasing; primary infection, simulated by healthy tomato plants with insecticide spraying and viruliferous insects releasing, and secondary infection, simulated with healthy tomato plants and ToSRV infected tomato plants, sprayed with insecticide, and aviruliferous insects releasing. None of the insecticides was effective in controlling primary infection. In the case of secondary infection simulation, 4% and 16% of the tomato plants treated with soil and foliar cyazypyr insecticides, respectively, were infected; against 84% and 74% of infected tomato plants in their respective controls. For treatments with thiamethoxam and spiromesifen insecticides spraying, in secondary infection simulation, 58% and 62% of tomato plants were infected, respectively, versus 66% and 74% of infected plants in their respective controls. The rational use of insecticides to reduce secondary infection associated with elimination of external sources of inoculum may contribute to disease management.
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